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On the Primary Essence of Motivation

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

One of the fundamental traits of human behavior is the element of motivation. It is this aspect of existence that provides the basic stimulus for almost all human behavior; however, tracking down and correctly identifying its primary essence can be a little tricky. First, there are the obvious factors like the need for air, water, food, love, and attention. However, some sort of common thread that binds all of these things together should be identified so that a more precise definition of the basic motivational nature present in humanity can be asserted. Once this identification is properly made, analyzation and elucidation will be much easier.

This common thread should be something that is universal in nature that completely permeates any factor that deals with human motivation. It should also not be so basic that it would provide no assistance to the analytical process. Thus, some type of conceptualization is required that correctly binds all of these elements in a way that is universal. In order to begin this search, it would now be prudent to list some potential candidates.

Jesters at the Court of Empress Anna by Valery Ivanovich Jacobi (1872)

One of the first candidates that might be considered is energy. However, it would provide such a broad scope of interpretive possibilities that no substantial gains would likely be made, and the analytical process would merely circle back upon itself over and over again. Another candidate would be fear. This primitive emotion would be considered by many to be the most influential factor in human motivation. However, there is still one other viable candidate left, and this candidate is happiness. It is this singular concept that most precisely defines the ultimate goal of humanity.

There would be many that would claim that fear and pain are more effective motivators. In an unbalanced state of existence, this assertion may be true to a certain extent. However, it is obvious why these factors would be perceived as being stronger motivators; they block the pleasant energy of happiness. In a more balanced state of existence, the pursuit of joy is far stronger than the threats of fear and pain. Therefore, if an individual is fortunate enough to acquire this type of balance, then the energy of happiness is far easier to find.

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