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On the Flaws of Philosophical Thought in Academia

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There are an overwhelming number of basic observational and analytical techniques employed by academia in order to understand and analyze philosophy. Many of these techniques are rife with fundamental errors in reasoning and logic. This problem grows worse due to the inability of most individuals to grasp the basic concepts being expressed because these ideas are overly verbose; however, these infantile conceptualizations asserted by academia tend to be nothing more than pathetically weak proclamations of childish dogma. This problem grows worse due to the fact that most individuals do not care. Because of this apathetic stance, the entire realm of academic philosophy has deteriorated into a vile manifestation of scholarly inbreeding that feeds on itself and a very small selection of works from a very limited number of canonized authors.

This entire travesty of rational thought can be traced directly to the highly abundant proliferation of philosophical systems that are created, given an official academic title, and then thrown around in discussions. They are then over-analyzed and dissected into tiny bits. It is this system of classification that limits the imagination and allows for the continued tenure of professionals. They have made their living wallowing like greedy pigs in the horrid stench of irrelevant detailed minutia, so many of the so-called philosophical systems and genres are merely hodge-podge collections of simple whims and notions that are placed together and given a label. These various systems are then bandied about like they are something of substantial worth when they are nothing more than fanciful proclamations that do nothing but clutter the creative flow and overburden the playful muses of imaginative speculation.

The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple by William Holman Hunt (1860)

What the inbred minds of modern academia fail to realize is that philosophy is a basic trait of humanity. Every member of this species indulges in this science; therefore, to treat it as though it is something that needs the higher and more detailed elements of the intellect is truly an abhorrent flaw of basic rational logic. Thus, the classification and subsequent over-analyzation of this basic trait of humanity is completely irrelevant to the needs and desires of basic human existence. Everyone dances playfully within the magical realms of philosophy every single day.

When the irrelevant details of the academic study of philosophy are taken seriously by an intellect, a horrible process begins that seeks to stifle the imagination. This grotesque stagnation of rational logic reduces the miraculous beauty of philosophy into labels and pre-defined systems so that an individual may participate in an ostentatious display of inbred academic worthlessness. The main evil perpetrated by these pre-defined systems is that they tend to prohibit the discussion and creation of hybrid systems or speculative notions that have little or no affinity with any of the existing systems at all. Philosophy is free. Philosophy cannot be pinned down with verbose displays of intellectual aggrandizement. Philosophy is the expression of the intellect and the intuition.

Philosophy is the expression of the living spirit that burns within everyone...

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