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On the Vital Essence of Purity

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

The nature of purity is such that it cleanses the emotions and renews the soul. When true purity is known, it allows for a richer state of emotional well-being and psychological stability. When the vital essence of purity engulfs the spirit and soul, a true peace is felt and the turbulence of day-to-day existence is more easily overcome in a manner that promotes physical and mental wellness. Purity establishes a richness of the senses because it allows for a more unimpeded appreciation of the natural world that is often forgotten when the trivialities of the mundane world become overwhelming or tedious.

This purity is only found by discovering and subsequently developing techniques of emotional honesty. Emotional honesty is being honest with one's own emotions. These techniques are specific to each individual and cannot be taught by any guru or teacher. These techniques cannot be taught by any educational course or read in a book. These techniques can only be found by each individual exploring the vast uncharted territory of the emotional realms and then finding things that do and do not work. This process can be very intense and should be approached very carefully. However, if a real discovery is made, then that individual has found a treasure that far exceeds any amount of material gain or monetary wealth.

The Gardens of the Van Rensselaer Manor House by Thomas Cole (1840)

The richness that lies within the realms of emotional honesty far exceeds any external psychological suggestions or instruction received by any external source. These external sources will never be able to compare with both the effectiveness and efficiency that is found when a vital technique of emotional honesty is both discovered and developed by a questing soul. It should also be remembered that any type of event, action, or perception may serve as a trigger or catalyst for an individual's discovery of one of these techniques.

It is also vitally important to realize that the perception of the individual may be acting as a type of shield that is preventing the acknowledgment of certain information that might have a devastating effect on an individual. This type of safety barrier prevents potentially debilitating emotions from annihilating a person's soul. Thus, the quest for emotional honesty is often thwarted by the subconscious mind blocking the perceptions of certain elements of reality. Thus, the individual will not be able to achieve purity until an emotional stability is achieved that will allow the perception to function in a fully effective manner.

Once this stability is achieved, the mind may then allow for the completion of the discovery of the keys that will allow for a true state of emotional honesty. This state of grace would then allow for a higher state of purity within the individual. This state of purity would lead to a higher knowledge of peace within one's soul.

This understanding of peace would then lead to a greater chance of other individuals also being able to find peace.

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