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Lee Fitzsimmons - Electronic Music Design

A Celebration of Elegance

Elegance defines fashion. The aesthetic essence of eloquent design has always been the hallmark of true aesthetic virtue that strives to be beautiful in ways that stagger the mind and sway the soul. The passion of color and the shape of the visual realms often require little, if any, assistance to accomplish this task.

However, the correct types of sonic portraits (painted cleverly and dextrously) can add a stunning effect to the visual and create a more full-sensory perception of an aesthetic vision that goes far beyond the mere shapes and hues that are created by the worthy design artist. Elegant music that can stand alone on its own merit will often enhance a visual presentation to a far greater degree than music that merely serves a background beat. Adding eloquently designed melodic, harmonic, and contrapuntal elements to an addictive bass and drum groove can provide an extremely breathtaking layer of beautiful pleasantry that allows any visual stimulus to be far more appreciated.

Such is the elegant role of Fashion Show Electronica and its exquisitely designed numbers that have been created so as to provide a far more substantial synchronization tool that goes far beyond the simplistic notions of having a rudimentary musical backdrop for any type of visual presentation. Neither audial nor visual beauty should outshine the other but should instead strengthen one another's presence by synergistically enhancing the entire synchronistic experience in such a way that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts...

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These tracks are free for personal use. They may be distributed freely and shared with anyone that wishes to listen to them at home, in a vehicle, or on a mobile device. If any of these tracks are desired as music for an internet presentation (such as a book trailer on Youtube or a blog) that will not be displayed anywhere in the mass media, then permission for this type of usage will be granted in exchange for credit and a functioning link to this website. Just contact Lee at the e-mail address below (or on Facebook or Twitter) after the presentation is online and a functioning link to this website is in place, so he can tweet it out and give it a "like"...

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