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Original Electronic Music Design by Lee Fitzsimmons

Beauty Swan

Two live acoustic guitars plant their elegant harmonic seeds in a garden of beautiful electronica.

Beauty Swan

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Live Takamine acoustic guitars - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live electric bass guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Eastern gong - Lee Fitzsimmons

Electronic keyboard sounds - Lee Fitzsimmons * Electronic drums and percussion - Lee Fitzsimmons

* * *

This electronic masterpiece begins with an introduction of four bars that features the basic electronica background of the piece setting up the groove for the rest of the work. At the fifth bar, a large Eastern gong sounds and the live guitars enter along with the live bass. The first section of the piece has begun. The guitars are drenched in echo and emphasize this effect with their phrasing and dynamic subtleties, as they play a four bar phrase that is slight varied the second time. These two four bar phrases are then repeated down a whole step and give the entire first section a total length of 16 bars.

In the second section, the guitars play a descending figure in eighth notes as the bass plays a figure that leaps up two perfect fifths to a high tone and then repeats this pattern throughout the section. This section plays the same four bar phrase twice and then it is over. The intro then returns and the entire cycle is repeated two and a half more times before the work comes to an end.

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This track is free for personal use. It may be distributed freely and shared with anyone that wishes to listen to it at home, in a vehicle, or on a mobile device. No permission is needed to do this. If this track is desired as music for an internet presentation (such as a book trailer on Youtube or a blog) that will not be displayed anywhere in the mass media, then permission for this type of usage will be granted in exchange for credit and a functioning link to this website. Just contact Lee at the e-mail address below (or on Facebook or Twitter) after the presentation is online and a functioning link to this website is in place, so he can tweet it out and give it a "like"...

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