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Water Happy

A classic Moog synthesizer and an organ perform counterpoint over a happy bed of rich electronic sounds.

Water Happy

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Classic Moog synthesizer - Lee Fitzsimmons * Organ - Lee Fitzsimmons * Analog synthesizer chords - Lee Fitzsimmons

Stereo frequency sweeps - Lee Fitzsimmons * Electronic bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drums, handclaps, and ethnic persussion - Lee Fitzsimmons

* * *

This composition begins with analog synthesizer chords establishing the main groove of the piece. A kick drum plays four on the floor, and ethnic percussion (saturated with reverse reverb) provide a watery texture to the sonic ambience of the work. The organ and Moog begin in bar nine with a type of call and answer counterpoint that evolves into the main melodic hook eight bars later, which is where an electronic bass is added to the mix, playing long sustained tones. After eight bars of the melodic hook, stereo frequency sweeps and handclaps are added and the bass begins to play quarter notes along with the kick drum. The entire cycle is repeated several times and then the piece fades...

This work expresses the joy of counterpoint and the watery essence of mithful bliss. It does so by being simple, yet still sophisticated enough to maintain a respectable amount of integrity. This compostion is representative of the flowing aspects of fashion and presentation and asserts the eloquence of simple ideas that maintain rich flavors without being superficial.

Rich flowing waters should have depth and not be shallow.

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