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Electronic Jade

A Koto and an Eastern flute answer each other over a thick electronic backbeat.

Electronic Jade

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Koto - Lee Fitzsimmons * Eastern flute - Lee Fitzsimmons * Choral ambience sounds - Lee Fitzsimmons * Eastern gong - Lee Fitzsimmons

Electronic bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Rhythmic electronica pulsations - Lee Fitzsimmons * Electronic drums, finger cymbals, and sleigh bells - Lee Fitzsimmons

* * *

A koto plays a simple melodic figure. A lone flute answers. The koto plays another version of its original melodic figure. Again, a lone flute answers exactly as it did before. Every time the koto begins its melody, a gong is struck. Every time the flute answers, the finger cymbals are struck. This entire sequence is then repeated with choral ambience and a sleigh bell added to the mix. After this repeat, electronic rhythm pulsations crescendo into the next section, where the entire form of the first section is repeated (however, with the full instrumentation of the second half in the entire section) as the pulsations continue and an electronic drum beat is added. The piece ends with a cessation of the entire ensemble except for the flute, which sustains a note that carefully manipulates its vibrato as it slides down a whole step in pitch in the last second of its sustained tone.

The koto is the light diurnal yang, and the flute is the dark nocturnal yin. The two swirl together within the soundscape of this composition, which is merely another vivid artistic expression of ancient wisdom in all of its sensible beauty and simplistic form...

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