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Elegance in Motion

A live tenor saxophone and a live acoustic guitar perform an elegant duet accompanied by brilliant electronica textures.

Elegance in Motion

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Live tenor saxophone - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Takamine acoustic guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live bass guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Piano - Lee Fitzsimmons

Sparkling electronic organ - Lee Fitzsimmons * Choral ambience - Lee Fitzsimmons * Electronic drums and percussion sounds - Lee Fitzsimmons

* * *

This piece begins with an electronic drumbeat complete with some unique techno percussion sounds accompanied by choral ambience. In the fifth bar, the sparkling electronic organ enters and a live bass plays a very syncopated figure. This texture continues for eight bars. In the thirteenth bar, the piano strikes a single chord and a live tenor saxophone begins its siren song. A live acoustic guitar then answers its call. This call and answer cycle repeats once, and then the two live instruments join together to play the chorus in a spectacular two-part harmony complete with grace notes.

After the eight bar chorus is done, the entire cycle (sans the first four bars) is repeated as the live acoustic guitar plays an animated and passionate solo. After the solo is complete, the entire cycle that was presented at the beginning of bar five is repeated, and the piece fades...

This piece is another expression of the yin/yang essence expressed by Taoist thought. The tenor saxophone is the dark feminine yin and the acoustic is the light masculine yang. The two sounds call back and forth to each other in the verses and then merge in the chorus of this work to form a complete circle of life.

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