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Star - Phe

When the serpent-star of Venus is in its Eastern state of the left-leaning passive, it is symbolized by this ancient pictorial symbol, which features a nude maiden kneeling at the edge of a body of water pouring out the liquid contents of two vessels – one onto the land and one into the water. A large central star shines above her. This large central star is surrounded by seven smaller stars and is representative of the other planets of the solar system. This representation of Venus as the brightest star of the eight heavenly bodies orbiting the sun is an expression of the vast energy that emanates from this heavenly spherical energy center. There are trees, plants, and hills behind the maiden as well.

The name of the seventeenth character of the ancient alphabet is linked to the seventeenth hieroglyphic symbol of the Tarot. The original design of this character (pre-1200 B.C.) looks like this...

The ancient letter of Phe

The name of the seventeenth character that represents the Eastern passive currents of Ishtar, Venus, Inanna, Astarte, Aphrodite, and Frieda is פה. It has the ancient meanings of “mouth,” “to speak,” “breath,” “breathe,”  “breeze,” and “side.” This is in accordance with the throat chakra being the center of the element of air. This ancient alphabetic character is the predecessor of the modern letters F and P. The etymology of the words female, feminine, and face are also in alignment with the overall meaning of the name of this alphabetic character. The onomatopoeic aspects of the consonant also suggest breath and wind; thus, another connection to the air element.

These passive serpentine energy currents of the realms represented by this particular Tarot hieroglyph are very popular among the human species, since these energies are the frequencies that create the attractive currents that empower the basic desires of humanity. Because of this prominence in the reality of human existence, it is of utter importance to more thoroughly understand these energies. Much of the downfall of the species throughout the ages is due directly to the misuse of these passive frequencies.

Suppression of the Serpent in the Iron Age

The primary reason for the degeneration of the species for the last several millenia is directly related to the abuse and misappropriation of these energies and all of the various creations directly related to these female frequencies. While it is obvious to numerous members of the human species that these currents are vitally important for the survival of mankind, there are those who would have these energies supressed, so that the evils that have emanated from these frequencies would not be as effective. This suppression is just as great an evil as the evil that the suppression was meant to control. This fundamental fact is one of the primary reasons that mankind has not effectively evolved to the next higher level of physiological, emotional, and intellectual advancement. This suppression has its roots in the imbalances caused by the patriarchal societies created at the beginning of the Iron Age.

Due to the heavy permeation of these suppressive efforts into the very fabric of the collective conscience, much of the true wisdom and genuine knowledge of these passive feminine serpent-star currents of copper are completely foreign to most individuals. The basic negative frequencies of the throat chakra are vital in order to propel the electron-based motions necessary to spark the genuine genetic evolution of the species. Therefore, the goodness that is naturally inherent with this energy needs to brought to the forefront of societal awareness, without the standard debasement, exploitation, or suppression that typically accompanies any mention of this subject.

It is unknown to a substantial percentage of individuals that the sexual currents can be channeled and utilized in such a fashion that promotes positive biological and psychological growth and not merely frequencies that are often channeled into the reproductive cycle via marriage and family in order to more correctly use these currents. Throughout the centuries, the short-term pleasures gained from the misuse of these feminine frequencies have often been exploited in order to gain privilege. Due to the easy success of such ventures, this basic approach has been used over and over in both the Eastern and Western cultures. Just as detrimental to the species are the various factions that have sprung up to deal with this abuse of these energies by applying various amounts of societal and economic suppression to those exploiting these feminine frequencies for personal gain.

When a higher rational logic is applied to the basic powers of these serpent-star currents, then it is realized that an alternative route of artistic and scientific reasoning that neither exploits nor suppresses these vital energies exists. This alternative route of higher logical order stresses that these very currents of Venus are what supply the most critical fuel of desire necessary to serve as a catalyst for the evolutionary development and further genetic empowerment of the species. With this fundamental axiom in place, it behooves mankind to find the necessary approaches that will allow for this more correct role of the serpent frequencies.

Basic logic asserts that once enough members of the species are aware of the third route possible for the feminine seductive frequencies of Venus, then the entire society will gradually become aware of this possibity and begin taking steps to further its progress within humanity's reality. This third route is, of course, the right-hand (monastic celibacy) and left-hand (sacred tantric sexual expression) paths of kundalini development. It is these two lifestyle choices (either temporary or permanent) that will allow for the further development of the species. Such paths have been commonplace since at least the fifth century B.C., but have not managed to claim adequate attention from the masses, due to the fact that these paths have also been exploited as well in order to gain privilege, and many of the entities who claim to pursue these paths violate one or more of the basic lifestyle requirements necessary for the biological reality that actually brings real changes to the human physiology. Thus, the members of society that are intellectually enlightened enough to seek this third path are often met with large amounts of disinformation that manage to obfuscate the necessary steps to the true path that allows for the proper implementation of the feminine passive frequencies of the serpent-star of Venusian copper.

Four verseions of the Star trump of the Tarot de Marseille

The Star of the Tarot

Unlike most of the other trumps of the Rider-Waite deck, there are only three differences between the image found on this deck and the Marseilles deck. These three differences are the number of points on the stars, the bird, and the foot in the water of the Rider-Waite illustration of this trump. A. E. Waite describes some of these differences and asserts, “A great, radiant star of eight rays, surrounded by seven lesser stars – also of eight rays. The female figure in the foreground is entirely naked. Her left knee is on the land and her right foot upon the water. She pours Water of Life from two great ewers, irrigating sea and land. Behind her is rising ground and on the right a shrub or tree, whereon a bird alights. The figure expresses eternal youth and beauty. The star is l'étoile flamboyante, which appears in Masonic symbolism, but has been confused therein. That which the figure communicates to the living scene is the substance of the heavens and the elements. It has been said truly that the mottoes of this card are 'Waters of Life freely' and 'Gifts of the Spirit.'

The summary of several tawdry explanations says that it is a card of hope. On other planes it has been certified as immortality and interior light. For the majority of prepared minds, the figure will appear as the type of Truth unveiled, glorious in undying beauty, pouring on the waters of the soul some part and measure of her priceless possession. But she is in reality the Great Mother in the Kabalistic Sephira Binah, which is supernal Understanding, who communicates to the Sephiroth that are below in the measure that they can receive her influx.”

Rider-Waite version of the Star Tarot trump

The number of significant elements of this symbolically rich icon are multitudinous. First, there is the central star of eight points and eight lesser points that appears at the top of the hieroglyph. In the Noblet Tarot, the surrounding eight stars each have six points; however, in later versions of the Marseilles Tarot the number of points vary, and in the Rider-Waite Tarot, the eight lesser stars possess eight points. There is also a bird in almost if not every version of the Marseilles deck as well as the Rider-Waite deck. Only the Noblet deck does not display a bird. The final difference is that right foot of the central subject of this hieroglyph is in the water in the Rider-Waite version of this trump.

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