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Lee with his YTS-21 Yamaha Tenor Saxophone

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What is the essence of smooth jazz? It is peaceful calm that subtly stimulates the senses of the listener. It is the stillness of the pure night's glow that illuminates the skyline of a thriving metropolis and all of the intense energy living within its buildings. It is the sound of the urban essence as the two entities of artifice and nature merge in natural serenity and produce the wonderful gift of life.

Cool Smoothness embraces the essence of the metropolitan lifeforce and seeks to express its effervescent vibrations in a way that makes the listener feel as though transported into the very fabric of urban splendor. The unpredictability and constant change of the urban energies are expressed in the improvisatory musings of the many instruments spontaneously composing miniature silhouettes of aural hues. The unpredictability and constant change are so predictable that they remain as a constant force that thoroughly defines and encompasses that which can be found in the metropolitan jewel...

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