Cool Smoothness

Blue Paper Lanterns

A poignant melody is played by a lone tenor saxophone accompanied by a sparse jazz trio.

Blue Paper Lanterns

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Live tenor saxophone - Lee Fitzsimmons * Piano - Lee Fitzsimmons * Acoustic Bass - Lee Fitzsimmons

Ride cymbal and snare with brushes - Lee Fitzsimmons

Tenor Sax

This subdued piece of elegance is about one thing and one thing only; it is all about the melody. First, the melody is played very quietly on the piano. When the melody is ready to make its second entrance on the soundstage, it is presented by a very soulful tenor saxophone. Lee is not only capable of delivering blazing riffs at supersonic speed, he can also deliver very subtle musical phrases that rely on very nuanced long tones and the delicate manipulation of vibrato in order to make an artistic point. The melody is played one final time, and the curtain to this emotional drama is closed in front of a tearful audience that is now giving the performance a deafeningly loud standing ovation.

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