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Easy Oliver

A quick and lively jazz waltz featuring a jazz trio and a thick bed of congas and bongos.

Easy Oliver

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Acoustic piano - Lee Fitzsimmons * Acoustic bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Ride and crash cymbals, tablas, bongos, and congas - Lee Fitzsimmons

Tenor Sax

Filled with thick hand drum textures, this quick and lively jazz waltz darts out of the starting gate and does not slow down until the track is over. The head is played at the beginning by the piano and finishes on a diminished dominant chord with the arpeggiated melody played in octaves. The middle section features a blazing piano solo that remains true to the original form of the head with its overall phrasing. After the solo is done, the head repeats and the piece ends.

This jazz composition encompasses the urgent nature of a hurried frenzy. Thus, the title is somewhat contradictory to the general feel of the piece since there seems to be little in the composition that could be labelled as "easy." The excited and urgent flavor of this piece might be something that the hypothetical "Oliver" in the title wants to have, or Oliver could be a hyperactive individual that wishes to have a more peaceful and relaxed existence.

This track is free for personal use. It may be distributed freely and shared with anyone that wishes to listen to it at home, in a vehicle, or on a mobile device. No permission is needed to do this. If this track is desired as music for an internet presentation (such as a book trailer on Youtube or a blog) that will not be displayed anywhere in the mass media, then permission for this type of usage will be granted in exchange for credit and a functioning link to this website. Just contact Lee at the e-mail address below (or on Facebook or Twitter) after the presentation is online and a functioning link to this website is in place, so he can tweet it out and give it a "like"...

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