Cool Smoothness

Moving Along

A mellow piece that features a Fender Rhodes and some very cool marimba sounds.

Moving Along

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Fender Rhodes - Lee Fitzsimmons * Marimbas with echo - Lee Fitzsimmons

Shiny keyboard ambience chords - Lee Fitzsimmons * Keyboard bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drum kit - Lee Fitzsimmons

Tenor Sax

This piece begins with the main groove that consists of some nifty little snare rolls, shiny ambience chords, and some very cool marimba sounds soaked with delay. A very groovable melody is played on a Fender Rhodes and uses a lot of big leaps and off-beat hits to make its point. The two sections of the works are only different because of different chords and a change in the melody. The basic sounds remain the same. After the main cycle has performed once, the Fender Rhodes takes a solo over the main form of the tune. After the solo, the main melody is played once again and the piece fades away.

This piece has a very relaxed pace that allows the listener to unwind into its mellow currents. Although the piece is not rushed and is in no hurry to get where it is going, it is still very positive and determined. It is luxurious in its posture and optimistic in its outlook. It has the ambience of a posh Rolls Royce, yet still possesses the sensibility of a dependable pick-up truck that never breaks down and can navigate through any type of difficult terrain. It has got to move along, but it does so as it maintains its style, sophistication, and grace.

This track is free for personal use. It may be distributed freely and shared with anyone that wishes to listen to it at home, in a vehicle, or on a mobile device. No permission is needed to do this. If this track is desired as music for an internet presentation (such as a book trailer on Youtube or a blog) that will not be displayed anywhere in the mass media, then permission for this type of usage will be granted in exchange for credit and a functioning link to this website. Just contact Lee at the e-mail address below (or on Facebook or Twitter) after the presentation is online and a functioning link to this website is in place, so he can tweet it out and give it a "like"...

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