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Happy Slap

A very cool modern jazz piece that features a live tenor sax and a warm Telecaster lead.

Happy Slap

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Live tenor saxophone - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Telecaster guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Fender Rhodes - Lee Fitzsimmons

Choral ambience - Lee Fitzsimmons * Keyboard bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drum kit, shaker, ride cymbal, triangle, bongos, and tablas - Lee Fitzsimmons

Tenor Sax

This elegant jazz composition begins with an introduction that uses a stripped down version of the total ensemble and features a cool electric piano riff in its lower range. After four bars, the main groove is then established as the bongos join in. After another four bars, the live tenor saxophone and Fender Rhodes play the main melody together in unison. Sixteen bars later, the B section begins and the choral ambience, tablas, triangle, and ride cymbal all jump into the mix. The structure of the melodic line also changes as each phrase ends with a short note leaping several tones higher. After the complete head has been presented, a tenor saxophone plays a solo over the main form of the piece; a live Telecaster then plays a solo. The head is then performed one more time, and the piece ends on its final note.

The intro sets up the basic vibe of groovable elegance. The first section stresses groove, and the second section stresses elegance. When the two are placed together, the effect is stunning. Add to this dimension the improvised magic of the solos, and a true masterpiece is created. The nature of this piece combines sophisticated eloquence with highly rhythmic musical colors. The realization that happily slaps the listener in the face is that funky grooves and ballroom elegance can very easily exist together as they compliment each other's style.

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