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Manhattan Samba

A lively and upbeat urban flavored work played on tenor saxophone and Telecaster.

Manhattan Samba

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Live tenor saxophone - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Telecaster guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Piano - Lee Fitzsimmons

Hammond B3 organ - Lee Fitzsimmons * Bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drum kit, congas, bongos, shakers, ride cymbal, and triangle - Lee Fitzsimmons

Tenor Sax

This vibrant composition begins with shakers and congas supporting a Latin-style bass line as a live Telecaster plays some interesting tensions decending down the neck of the guitar. After the quick four bar intro, the main groove begins, and the theme is played on a live tenor saxophone and piano in multiple octaves. After eight bars, the next section begins. The shakers are replaced by the triangle and a ride cymbal; the congas are replaced with bongos. The groove drops to a half-time feel, and the melody is now played in unison on Telecaster and organ. These two contrasting sections are then used as a musical backdrop for a spectacular tenor saxophone solo that follows. This adventurous tonal excursion is filled with many neat melodic tricks and extremely fast runs that show off Lee's brilliant command of this instrument. Next, a warm and jazzy Telecaster solo follows that also features many interesting pull-offs along with several other assorted guitar tricks. After the solos are done, the two sections of the head are performed again, and the composition finishes on the last note of the second section.

This jazz work expresses the vibrance of urban life. It seeks to justify the currents that envelope the daily hustle and bustle of the city streets that are filled with constant ebb and flow of vital human energy. The samba of life has some of its most intense moments in the urban fanfare of humanity. In the density of the metropolitan marketplace, the samba of life finds its circle.

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