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Gold - Aurum 79

This most precious of all metals is the most malleable and ductile metal known to humanity. It is the third best conductor of electricity (behind silver and copper) and is also a magnificent conductor of heat. It is the most universally accepted form of wealth that has ever existed; silver is its only rival in this respect. It never corrodes, and it always remains pure.

The letters Aleph/A and Resh/R form the biliteral root that is the etymological foundation of the Latin words aurum and aura. This root has a basic meaning of “light,” and from this meaning, the concept of “bright” and “brilliant” are also associated with this word. The inverse of this root (Resh/R and Aleph/A) produces a similar root that has the meaning of “to see.” Thus, one can see the etymological foundation of the sign of Ra (the Egyptian sun god).

While the most common and essential meanings of the words aurum, aura, and auriferous deal with the bright and brilliant qualities of light and the visual, it should not be forgotten that the crown chakra of gold also encompasses the sense of hearing. This direct etymological relationship can be seen in the words aural, audial, and auditory. Likewise, the senses of smell and taste are also linked to this root and can be seen in the words aroma and aromatic. Due to the fact that the pineal body (the biological center of the crown chakra in the human body) receives direct input from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, these multiple functions of the etymological root make perfect sense.

The ancient word for lion is formed from the letters Aleph/A, Resh/R, Yod/Y, and Heh/E. This word is built on the same biliteral root as the words aurum and aura. The most probable cause for this linguistic designation is because of the lion's golden mane. The lion is also a symbol of power and royalty. The commonality between all of these concepts is that of transcendence above the mundane because of brilliant illumination.

The current English terminology for this metal is the word gold. This word is derived from similar German words that are derived from a Proto-Indo European root constructed around the letters Gimel/G and Lamed/L. This etymological relationship is also found in the words gleam, glisten, glow, and glimmer. All of these words stem from a basic meaning of “brilliance.”

Astronomical Center

NASA photo of the sun

The Sun

Well over ninety-nine percent of all mass in the solar system is possessed by Sol. This golden behemoth is the largest source of energy for Terra or any of the other planets of the solar system. Sol is a member of a large cluster of stars called the Milky Way galaxy. It is speculated that Sol is one of the brighter stars in the Milky Way.

The visible surface of the sun is known as the photosphere. The solar atmosphere that resides atop the photosphere of Sol has been divided into five parts by modern science: the temperature minimum, the chromosphere, the intermediary region, the corona, and the heliosphere. Occupying the area of zero to 500 kilometers directly above the photosphere is the zone that is known as the temperature minimum. It has been given this name because it is speculated by modern science that the temperature in this atmospheric zone is only 4,000 degrees Kelvin. The chromosphere lies directly above the temperature minimum and is approximately 2,000 kilometers thick. It has been speculated that the temperatures in this region could be as high as 100,000 degrees Kelvin. Above the chromosphere lies the intermediary region where the temperatures are thought to be as high as one million degrees Kelvin.

The corona resides directly above the intermediary region and is more massive than Sol itself. The temperature in this region is thought to be in the millions of degrees Kelvin although modern science has yet to figure out why this is. Some have speculated that it could be the result of magnetic reconnection where various fields of magnetic lines from different domains of magnetic activity are connected. There are several theories as to why this phenomenon occurs.

The heliosphere extends all the way out to the fringes of the solar system. The solar wind (energy that escapes from the corona) flows throughout the heliosphere. In fact, high levels of energetic particles of the solar wind have been detected near the heliopause, which is the point where the heliosphere is not strong enough to push back the stellar winds of the surrounding stars.        

It has also been speculated by modern science that all of Sol’s essence is in the form of gas and plasma due to its high temperature. This extremely high temperature allows for a variation in the rotation that occurs at the equator and at the poles. This rotational variation is believed to cause magnetic field loops, which are thought to be one of the causes and/or catalysts of sunspots. Solar flares (violent explosions of plasma) often erupt from these sunspots, and the plasma is often discharged out into the heliosphere in magnificent bursts known as coronal mass ejections.

Biological Center

Epiphysis Cerebri

The biological location of the golden spherical energy center is the epiphysis cerebri, which is also known as the pineal body; however, it is most often referred to incorrectly as the pineal gland. It is not a gland like the organs of the endocrine system; it is a neuroendocrine transducer that receives impulses from the nervous system and transforms them into hormones. The pineal body also contains more lecithin than any other organ in the body; lecithin is a phospholipid that keeps blood vessels pliable and is also the primary component of semen. It is this substance found within the human body that validates the alchemical assertion that lead can be turned into gold because it is this substance that is increased within the body with celibacy and/or tantric sexual practices; this accumulation of lecithin allows for further growth and development of the epiphysis cerebri. Thus, when more lecithin is present, more of the critical substance that is needed by the pineal body is available. This is the true meaning of lead being turned into gold. This is the true meaning of alchemy.

This spherical energy center is referred to in the Hindu culture as the Sahasrara (or crown chakra) and its Sanskrit spelling is

Sanskrit spelling for Sahasrara

Melatonin (5-methoxy-N-acetyltryptamine) is the primary indolamine that is produced by the pineal body; it is created by the transformation of serotonin (an indolamine produced by the pineal body). There is a higher concentration of serotonin in the pineal body than in any other brain tissue. Serotonin is produced in pinealocytes from circulating l-tryptophan. The pineal body also produces the enzymes known as hydroxyindole-O-methyl transferase (HIOMT) and indole-N-methyl transferase (INMT). These enzymes allow for the conversion of serotonin into a large number of psychoactive hallucinogens.

Other pineal indolamines include 5-methoxytryptophol, 5-methoxytryptamine, N-acetylserotonin, 5-hydroxytryptophol, 5-hydroxyindole-3-acetic acid, 5-methoxyindole-3-acetic acid, parachlorophenylalanine, and arginine vasotocin. The pineal gland also produces beta carbolines such as pinoline (6-methoxytetrahydro-beta-carboline), tetrahydro-beta-carboline, n-butyl-beta-carboline-3-carboxylate, harmaline, tryptamine, tryptoline, and harmine. 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine, 5-hydroxy-dimethyltryptamine (bufotenine), and dimethyltryptamine are three psychoactive methylated tryptamines that are also produced by the pineal gland.

All of these indoles are produced directly or indirectly from l-tryptophan, and this production is triggered when there are lower levels of light. These psychotropic substances are the naturally occurring chemicals that are responsible for dreams and spirit visions. There are many of these substances and derivatives from these substances, and it would be impossible to list them all because only a tiny fraction of them have been identified and examined by modern scientific techniques.

Summary of Symbolism

The active diurnal currents of this chakra are represented by the very first Tarot trump (Magus) and the name of the letter Aleph/A, and the passive nocturnal frequencies of this chakra are represented by the 15th Tarot trump (Devil) and the name of the ancient letter Samech. The centered currents of the crown chakra are expressed by the eighth Tarot trump (Justice) and the name of the ancient letter Het/H. The names of the ancient letters that are expressive of the energies of the crown chakra possess meanings that are related to the concepts of "knowledge," "support," and "heat."

The Magus

The right-handed energies of the crown chakra are expressed in the symbolism of the first united pair, which consists of the Magus trump and the name of the first letter (Aleph/A) of the ancient alphabet. The image of the Magus trump features an individual wearing a wide-brimmed hat and holding some type of object (most assume this object to be some type of "magician's wand") in his left hand. He stands in front of a table that has (in the Noblet version of the Marseilles Tarot) three dice, three circular objects, three cups, two other objects (probably a knife and a pen), and some type of book or set of papers.

The name of the first letter of the first letter of the ancient alphabet is Aleph and means "to know." Thus, the basic essence of this first united pair expresses the concept of true knowledge. True knowledge is information that has been processed to the degree that the information becomes one with the individual and can be used in a practical manner that allows for actual manipulation of the four elements.

The Magus represents the next level of ascension from the Popess trump. The seated high priestess is transformed into the Magus; her open book is now his magical wand. The instruction and tutorial of the Popess trump has now transformed raw information into usable knowledge that is wielded by the great thaumaturge. The Magus will eventually combine his mighty power of knowledge with the intuitive shamanic power that is expressed within the symbolism of the Devil trump.

The Devil

The left-handed frequencies of the crown chakra are represented in the symbolism of the Devil trump and the 15th letter (Samech) of the ancient alphabet. The hieroglyphic icon of the Devil trump features a male human-like creature (standing on a pedestal) with reptilian wings. In the lower portion of the image, there are two female human-like creatures that possess animal-like ears and have cloven hooves. These two female creatures are bound at the neck by a rope that is connected to a central object. The genital regions of all three creatures are exposed and easily visible (in the Noblet version of the Marseilles Tarot). The name of the 15th letter of the ancient alphabet is Samech and means "to support."

The primary essence represented by the Devil trump and the name of the letter Samech is the practical employment of the empathic faculties. It is this intuitive prowess that supports the knowledge of the Magus trump by providing the necessary counterweight that allows for a more true balance of the psyche and the intellect. These intuitive powers are expressed with the large face that covers the belly (navel chakra) of the central male creature. The horns of the creatures serve as animalistic antennae that allow for the reception of the intuitive frequencies. Thus, the horns of the creatures are the same biological element of reality as the long hair of the magical shaman (hair and horns are made from keratin and contain actual particles of gold) and are receptors that feed the currents of the intuitive frequencies to the navel chakra and the enteric nervous system (referred to in Western science as the "third brain") that is located there.

Therefore, the intuitive shamanic powers expressed by the Devil trump are the next level of ascension of the overflowing of emotion that is the basic essence of the Tower trump that represents the left-handed frequencies of the third eye chakra of Mercury. These forces are sometimes very detrimental to the intellectual processes; however, when they are taken to the next level of the intuitive powers that are expressed by the symbolism of the Devil trump, they can be used as a mighty tool to support the knowledge of the Magus. Thus, the balance of the Magus and the Devil trump creates the foundational essence that provides the throne for the seat of the great goddess that presides over the Golden energies of humanity.

The same great goddess that once presided over the Golden Age of aeons past.

Astraea and Libra

The core essence of the golden crown chakra is expressed by the Justice trump and the name of the ancient letter Het/H. The name of this ancient letter means "heat." The majority of the heat in the human body escapes through the head. There is an overwhelmingly obvious etymological connection between the words Het, heat, and head. Also, the etymological origins of the original terms used to express the concepts of "The Tree of Life" and "Eve" are derived from the letter Het/H.

The actual spelling of the word translated as "life" in "The Tree of Life" that appears in the ancient text of Genesis is Het/H, Yod/Y, Yod/Y, Mem/M. Since the word translated as "tree" is also translated in the ancient texts as "wisdom" and "counsel," the most accurate translation of the phrase "the Tree of Life" is actually "the wisdom of things of heat." The word for "life" is plural. Thus, the common translation of this phrase is incorrect, and the true allegory of the Tree of Life can now be interpreted in its correct form: the wisdom of the Kundalini chakras. The acquiring of this precious information will greatly improve the condition of the human species.

It is this precious information that is presented within the pages of this tome.

The image of the Justice trump features the great Goddess Astraea seated on her throne as the ruler of humanity's Golden Age (according to the ancient writings of Hesiod). In her right hand is the mighty Sword of Truth. In her left hand are the scales of Libra that represent the most perfected state of emotional balance that is possible for the human psyche.

She is the figure that is deified in the constellation of Virgo.

The Magus trump that expresses the right-handed energy of gold becomes the mighty Sword of Truth in the firm right hand of the Great Goddess. The scales of Libra are the left-handed energies of gold that provide rock-solid control of the emotions. This control is symbolized by the Devil trump's support that emanates from the horns of the three creatures that provide the reception necessary for the proper frequencies to be sent directly to the enteric nervous system. It is this strengthening of the enteric nervous system that greatly increases the effectiveness of the intuitive powers and allows for the proper balance of the scales of Libra.

Therefore, the Golden hieroglyph that expresses the centered essence of the golden crown chakra is the next level of ascension of the essential centered currents of the ninth united pair (Hermit - Teth). The lantern in the right hand of the Hermit is now the great sword of Astraea. The sword is symbolic of truth and enlightenment. The staff of the Hermetic caduceusin the left hand of the Hermit (that was once royal sceptre of power) is now the steady assurance of Libra's balance. The serpentine twisting of the Hermetic caduceus is now transformed into the mighty will of Astraea. The strength of her will is symbolized by the golden tiara upon her noble head.

She is the most perfected essence of gold.

* * * *


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