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Blue Tejano Sky

An inspirational Tejano song with strong tropical flavors and a hot Spanish lead guitar.

Blue Tejano Sky

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Accordion - Lee Fitzsimmons * Lead Spanish guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Sparkly keyboards, Organ, and Classic analog sounds - Lee Fitzsimmons

Ibanez electric bass guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drums, chime tree, shakers, and (it needs more) cowbell - Lee Fitzsimmons

Blue Sky Photo courtesy of PDPhoto.org

This inspirational song features a very relaxing groove that is in no hurry, yet is still packed with a sheer intensity that drives it right along at a sure and steady pace. There are two main sections of the piece. The A section features a very identifiable melodic hook played on accordion and organ that instantly makes the listener pay attention and want to sing along. The B section provides nice contrasting relief by presenting a two part melodic figure played on Spanish guitar and analog keyboard. The B section is further empowered by syncopated chordal accents supplied by the rest of the ensemble.

At the bridge, a live Spanish guitar takes a quick lead and then sets up a tremendous modulation that presents the main theme that has been modulated up a whole step, as the Spanish guitar continues to dance around nimbly, cleverly weaving in and out between the nooks and crannies of the primary accordion melody. After a quick, yet effective coda, the piece ends...

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