Rhythm Tribe

Intergalactic Reggaeton

Filled with cosmic space sounds, this Latin-based groove features a classy piano melody.

Intergalactic Reggaeton

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Grand piano - Lee Fitzsimmons * Analog keyboards - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Ibanez electric bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Clavinet - Lee Fitzsimmons

Synthesized ocarina obligato - Lee Fitzsimmons * Techno percussion - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drums, shakers, and ride cymbal - Lee Fitzsimmons

Andromeda Galaxy - NASA photo

A raw bass line is played on a live Ibanez bass and is doubled by a clavinet. A concert piano then enters and performs the main melody in three parallel octaves. The melody is four bars. The next four bars are a stripped down version of the groove containing nothing but kick, ride, and the bass playing a single repetitive note. The melody is then presented with slightly different notes a little higher in the mixolydian mode along with an analog synthesizer playing some rhythmic patterns underneath. After these four bars of the higher version of the melodic theme, the original melody returns followed by four bars of the stripped down groove. The next presentation features the same three sets of four bar phrases along with an obligato performed by a synthesized ocarina. The piece continues in this manner until it finally fades out very gradually.

This work invokes many different types of seemlingly unrelated textures, so that no one cultural style will be prevalent. By presenting such a mixture of genres and often unassociated grooves and styles, this piece attempts to serve as an example of the universal nature of music that extends beyond borders and language and nations and continents and oceans and crosses over into the cosmic realms that embrace the totality of the human presence on the globe. Humanity consists of only one tribe...

The human tribe.

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