Rhythm Tribe

Jamaican Spanish Lullaby

Twin Spanish guitars sing in harmony over a brisk reggae flavored groove.

Jamaican Spanish Lullaby

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Live twin Spanish lead guitars - Lee Fitzsimmons * Fender Rhodes - Lee Fitzsimmons * Vibraphone - Lee Fitzsimmons

Live 5- string Ibanez bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Choral ambience - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drum kit - Lee Fitzsimmons

View from Fern Tree Walk Jamaica by Martin Johnson Heade 1870

Twin Spanish lead guitars present a haunting melody that nimbly prances over a perky Jamaican groove that features a very animated hi-hat and a quickly syncopated rim click. A mellow vibraphone responds to the lead lines of the twin guitars as it fills in the gaps of their minor key presentation. The piece then segues into the B section. In this section, the Fender Rhodes transitions from playing sharp chords on the backbeat to playing sustained rolling arpeggios with the vibraphone while the bass moves to a single note rhythmic figure. Choral ambience thickens the texture of this second section to an even greater degree. In this contrasting B section, the twin leads present a slightly different melodic idea as they slide down the frets in two part harmony creating some very unique guitar colors. After the B section is complete, the original form returns and the cycle repeats two more times before fading out into a dream.

The entire piece invokes the qualities of a dream-like state. The A section is more like that of the active REM state and the B section is similar to the blissful time that occurs just as one is transitioning from the waking state into the wonderful world of lullabies and fairy tales. Peaceful slumber is one of the holiest elements that make up the sweetness of humanity's existence and this piece embraces this sweetness in a most elegant manner.

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