Rhythm Tribe

Spanish Island

Dual Spanish guitars play fiery leads over a thick tropical reggae groove.

Spanish Island

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Live Takamine acoustic guitars - Lee Fitzsimmons * Fender Rhodes - Lee Fitzsimmons * Hammond B3 organ - Lee Fitzsimmons

Live Ibanez 5-string bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Electronic stereo percussion - Lee Fitzsimmons * Full drum kit - Lee Fitzsimmons

Newport Mountain, Mount Desert by Frederic Edwin Church 1851

Twin lead Spanish guitars fire out a beautiful melodic line in festive two-part harmony over a very cool reggae beat. The main groove features a bubble organ, full drum kit, and a very genre-appropriate bass line. During the B section, the Fender Rhodes plays a more ambient texture as the bass shifts to longer tones, and the high end percussion flavor shifts from hi-hat to ride cymbal. After the entire melodic cycle is presented, one of the Spanish guitar plays a hot and fiery Latin-style solo over the tune's basic form. After the lead is done, the melody is played in two-part harmony once again and the piece ends.

This song expresses the inner warmth of the island vibe, which could be expressed as the innermost desire to find comfort that leads to emotionally rich experiences. This song also invokes the peaceful currents of the ocean's tidal flow and attempts to transport the listener to a tropical paradise where needs are few. My merging the flair of the Spanish guitar with the island rhythms of reggae, this tune is yet another example of genre hybridization that promotes the joining of different cultures, so that aesthetically pleasant works of art may be created.

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