The Dark Emerald

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Demon DogsMore DetailDragon SkullMore Detail

Groove TreeMore DetailHard BurnMore Detail

Hometown HighwayMore DetailLed TexasMore Detail

Inside of the YouMore DetailStar LoneMore Detail

Wondersound InfusionMore DetailKeeping it SimpleMore Detail

Lee with his '86 Strat ('68 reissue)

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The warm, subtle infusion of the guitar's sonic enhancement to an aural track is a magnificent thing of sheer brilliance that cannot be denied. It is a type of sweet nectar to the eardrum that beckons to all who hear its siren song. When added to a hard driving drum beat and a rock-solid bass line, it is transformed into a musical tool that has the same power as an eighty piece symphony orchestra. Add the finesse and color of sylvan acoustic guitars to the sacred mix of the raw power trio, and the core foundation of The Dark Emerald is complete. From Celtic-inspired enchantment to brazen electricity-filled passion, the overall depth of these tracks takes the listener to a place where the vital life-force of the youth-filled emotive essence reigns supreme.

Allowing the impassioned overdrive of the rebellious currents of the young to flow unimpeded, the audio textures of The Dark Emerald are enflamed with the glow of inspired energy and vigor that overwhelms the senses and renews the vital life force of the soul. Rock music is the young and rebellious spirit within every person that cannot be denied. It is sound of salvation from the oppression of the cruel elders. It is the sound of salvation from the tyranny of those who fear their own sexuality. It is the sound of the youthful spirit that lives in everybody....

It is the sound of the free.

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