The Dark Emerald

Demon Dogs

This intense hard rock track features some very strong overdriven guitar tones and a contrabass vocal.

Demon Dogs

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Vocal - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live overdriven guitars - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Ibanez 5-string bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drums - Lee Fitzsimmons

The Lone Wolf by Alfred Wierusz-Kowalsky


I hear those demon dogs; I hear their sad refrain. I hear those hell hounds roar... they hear that Old Black Train.

I hear those demon dogs; I hear their tortured plea. I hear those hell hounds roar... this Train inside of me.

Good god, I see... they're running over the mountain. Good god, I hear... them flowing under the mountain.

(repeat two more times)

As the kick drum pounds out a continuous thump in eighth notes, the raw, overdriven guitars introduce this piece by playing a simple figure in Phrygian mode. The deep bass vocal then enters. This vocal has not been altered electronically in any way - it is the natural sound of Lee's deep contrabass voice. The verses feature power chords crunching out the main rhythms and are enhanced by the bass and drums. The choruses use longer chords and percussive stikes to make their musical point. The entire form repeats two more times and the song ends on a final sustained chord.

The lyrics express the limitations of those individuals entrapped within the Mars paradigm of the Iron Age and their canine-like deficiencies. These hell hounds simultaneously revere and fear the Old Black Train. They fear it because it represents the end to their out-dated way of life.

They revere it because it represents their salvation.

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