The Dark Emerald

Hometown Highway

This simple tune features stereo acoustic guitars tuned in open G and a soft drum beat that uses brushes.

Hometown Highway

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Live lead Takamine acoustic guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live stereo Takamine acoustic guitars with open G tuning- Lee Fitzsimmons

Live Ibanez 5-string bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Drum kit with brushes- Lee Fitzsimmons

Maum Ean Trail in the Inagh Valley, Ireland

This simple instrumental consists of acoustic open string guitars (panned in stereo) and a nimble melodic line that is accompanied by a rhythm section that features a bass, a light kick drum, and a soft snare played with brushes. The verse employs a folksy riff in open G that uses the D string to playfully manipulate a half-step tension that gives the track a certain harmonic intensity. The guitars stay on this constant four note pattern while the bass shifts the tonal center from the tonic to the relative minor to the subdominant and then finally to the dominant in order to construct a complete harmonic sequence. In the chorus, a shift to A minor allows the guitars to emphasize a decending and ascending half-step line that adds even more harmonic tension to the song. At the bridge, C minor chords are used so that slightly different colors can present themselves, so the tune is allowed to breathe a little before returning once again to the original form in order to end the piece.

The flavor of this happy tune represents the natural beauty of the countryside. This beauty is untainted by the native culture of humanity. Nature does not need culture to express its effervescent colors and shimmering vibrations of musical sounds.

Nature is culture.

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