The Spectracon

Kleio - White

White light is complete. It is the brightest and most powerful light in all of the universe, in the same way that Sol is the brightest and most powerful light in our solar system. White is the culmination of all the colours within the visible light spectrum. It is also considered the purest of all colours and represents the more sacred aspects that are prevalent within most cultural paradigms. For a garment to possess the purest quality of whiteness, it must be clean and free from befouling stain or taint. To have these associated qualities of sacred cleanliness is to possess the characteristics of the Apollonian diurnal realms that stress the solar over the lunar. These qualities can also be expressed as order continually reconquering chaos every morning when Sol first appears on the horizon.

The muse known as Kleio is the maiden fair and pure who governs this most complete of the spectral hues. In fact, the etymological foundation of her name is formed from the letters K and L, which combine to express an ancient biliteral root that means “to complete” or “to close.” Her name originates from the Greek word kleiw, which means “to recall” or “to memorialize.” Kleio is known as the muse of history and records, and is often depicted carrying either a scroll or some type of parchment. This realm of endeavor aligns with the etymological meaning of her name as well as its biliteral root, since history is the past that is now complete. When an event recalled by this muse is recorded in her scrolls, it is given a definite type of closure and allows for a more complete understanding of things that once happened long ago.

This solar muse is thus responsible for the remembrance of things that have been completed so that the present and future may also become more complete. With the careful cataloging and recounting of events and phenomena that have occurred within the past, it is far easier to guide the vessel of one’s destiny to more fertile shores. Thus, Kleio is the muse that provides one of the most fundamental services to the collective will and psyche of humanity, so that past errors will not be repeated as often, and so that more beneficial courses of wisdom can be most assuredly laid out and followed with a more solid stability.

She is the great lighthouse of purest white light that illuminates the otherwise dark shore of uncertain woes, because she records the invaluable experiences of the past, and these guideposts of reason allow for Kleio’s nimble grace of beautiful purity to flow unabated through the reason of the present and into the confident future of new endeavors.

Thus, the magic of Kleio’s white solar goodness is recorded every passing second in her sacred scrolls so that the diurnal Apollonian reason can continue to maintain proper balance and order throughout the vast realms of the cosmos. Whenever the nocturnal Dionysian currents of chaos grow too powerful and threaten to engulf both ship and sailor, then the white beacon of light from Kleio’s scrolls that are stored at the top of her lighthouse of past experience will guide the storm tossed seeker back to the shore of pure and stable reason.

* * *


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Copyright 2012 by Lee Fitzsimmons