The Spectracon

Euterpe - Magenta

Magenta is the violet at the top of the spectrum. It is the expression of the highest known colour and the development of the highest known ideals and contemplations. Purple was considered the colour of royalty in antiquity and was highly valued by manufacturers of textiles as well as the trading merchants that reaped tremendous profits from selling them. Violet is the divine realm of the musical muse known as Euterpe.

The maiden Euterpe was given the realms of music and lyric poetry as her rightful realms of endeavor, and she was often depicted holding a flute. With her violet robes aflutter in the hermetic breeze of aesthetic and logical wonder, she anoints the knowledge seeker with the instinctual impulses of turning the knowledge found into living, breathing things of beauty for both man and beast to behold. Her highest prismatic position is universally prestigious due to the level of respect that is given to learning in most civilized societies. When this learning deals directly with the highest form of art known to our species – that is, music – then Euterpe’s throne atop the spectrum of prismatic privilege is no mystery at all.

With her flute of magenta secure within her most delicate grasp, she beckons the everflowing currents of the lunar tide, as they gently flow up into the awaiting completeness of the solar tide. Euterpe’s divine dance of the sacred sonata song pleasantly nestles the currents and orders them correctly in harmony with the music of the spheres and allows them to be fluently transformed into the Apollonian grandness that is solar gold.

The name of Euterpe is taken from the ancient biliteral root formed by the letters T and R, which means “to order” and “instruction.” Thus, her ordering of the musical tones of the into the higher aural realms, not only makes perfect etymological sense, but also allows for bountiful aesthetic contemplation as well. She is the violet musical tutor that tames the savage beast and transforms it into the most noble and pure golden element known to humanity.

Thus, with her musical panacea, Euterpe’s illuminating glow dances vividly upon the rainbow prism of proclamation, while her musical tonality allows each subsequent energy current to polymorph pleasantly into the next octave of both the real and imaginative planes of both imaginative and speculative fancy. As she delicately performs a tune of wonder on her flute of royal magenta for the noble court that is comprised of the heavenly bodies of the solar system, she is both the inspiration of the most heavenly music as well as the harbinger of divine foresight.

* * *


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