The Spectracon

Thaleia - Blue

The azure blue of the sitar streams. These are the rightful and noble realms of the muse known as Thaleia, the third maiden muse named by Hesiod. The frequencies contained within this energy of azure are some of the most immediate and vital life currents utilized by humanity.

Thaleia is the nubile muse who subtly guides and nurtures these energy flows as they are directed upward into the violet mercury realms that are governed by her sister Euterpe, the mystical flautist of the ordered musical tones. While Euterpe is the muse in charge of the higher ordering of the celestial energies, Thaleia is responsible for channeling these currents upward from the lower spectral realms, as they are given a more pure essence.

This lady diva is often depicted with a comedic mask that serves as a visual illustration representative of her mastery of comedy. Thaleia is truly the merry maiden of mirth. Just as the laugh aids to lighten the heart, a humorous inclination of the soul allows for a lightening of the lower and more dense frequencies, so that they may more easily flow in an upward motion. Laughing delicately in her rustic garb of the shepherdess, Thaleia is the muse of the youthful indigo stream that flows delicately upwards. This blue brook is Thaleia’s.

Her name is formed from the letters Theta and Lambda (Teyth and Lamed in Hebrew) that form an ancient biliteral root that means “to warm,”  “youthful,” and “fresh.”  Thus, her name is in perfect etymological harmony with the biological role of her natural realm that deals with laughter and humor. This comedic shepherdess with her wreath of ivory dances over the sylvan plains through the azure forest, while her mirthful laugh warms the fountain of venerian youthfulness.

Thalia is also depicted with a wreath of ivory as well as the staff of the shepherdess. In this bucolic role, she is often thought of as the muse of idyllic poetry, which is poetry that portrays the rustic life and emphasizes the natural harmonic balance that exists between land, animal, and humanity. When the indigo currents that she resides over are in correct alignment and pulling energy in an upwards fashion, then her laughter is pleasantly indicative of the natural metabolic balance of the heavens. Thus, Thaleia is the cosmic shepherdess of blue mirth indigo that warms the heavenly flow and balances it into the more subtle comedic lightheartedness that allows it to float delicately upward into the realms of Euterpe, where it can be properly ordered.

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