The Spectracon

Erato - Yellow

Yellow is often referred to as a color linked to cowardice in many Western cultures and with royalty in many of the Chinese cultures. This association with fear can be seen in the Western phrases such as “yellow-bellied.” The Chinese tradition of the Yellow Emperor as the ancestor of all Han Chinese as well as the cultural association that is generally assigned to yellow is demonstrative of the role of royalty that this color plays in the Eastern paradigm. It is the second brightest color of light known to mankind. Fear is also one of the strongest emotional currents and is usually linked directly to many of the other stronger emotions such as anger and rage. This direct relationship is known in scientific circles as the fight or flight response. All of these emotions are also directly linked to lust and the erotic passions.

Erato is the muse of erotic poetry, who is generally depicted with a lyre or harp like her sister muse Terpsichore, who presides over the neighboring spectrum of green. She is often depicted in the company of Eros. The etymology of her name is apparent in the words erotic and eroticism. She is also considered to be the muse of love and marriage as well. When considering the amorous nature of the Lord Jupiter, it seems rather logical and befitting that the muse that presides over his kingdom of fearful yellow also be attuned to the nymph-fires of the erotic arts.

Thus, Erato – the only other nymph besides Terpsichore that plays on the harpstrings and thus, the heartstrings of the human emotions – is a fluent seductrress These lyre wielding muse-nymphs of Erato and Terpsichore must both enliven and enlighten these yellow currents so they can first be lifted and taught to sing and dance, and then be subsequently baptized into the Melpomene’s electricity of turquoise, before being magnetized by Thaleia’s comedy of blue and then ordered by the musical scales of Euterpe’s violet flute. When the energy is correctly tamed and educated in the more subtle and eloquent frequencies of the cosmic realms, it ceases to be an uncontrollable beast rightfully feared by many and becomes the most rejuvenating life current present in both the microscopic and macroscopic realms of humanity’s collective perception.


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