The Spectracon

Urania - Black

Black is the color associated with darkness and the night. Urania is commonly known as the muse of the heavenly and depicted as holding a sphere in one hand and a pointer in the other, representative of her ability to give instruction regarding the heavenly bodies and their proper positions in the cosmos. This instruction would most typically occur during the nocturnal hours when the greatest number of heavenly bodies are viewable to the aided and unaided human eye. The blackness of the night is also the realm of the chaotic Dionysian energies.

Etymologically, there are many different branches that occur from the biliteral root that is the etymological foundation of the name of this muse. This biliteral root is formed from the letters U and R. In its most basic sense, this root has the meaning of “to be crafty.” Thus, by association it was given the meaning of great intellectual ability and therefore meant “to be high.” From this meaning, the definition of “heavenly” was applied to the root. However, the basic meaning of being crafty was also associated with the ability to reveal or uncover things that were normally hidden or covered, thus, the meanings of “uncover” and “naked” were also applied to words formed with this biliteral root. So with this meaning, the word was applied to a certain area of the human anatomy that is generally covered. This application of the root can be seen in the words under, urethra, urinary, and uterus. Thus, the dual meanings of Uranus and Urania can be seen in such a way that they are in etymological alignment underneath the black nocturnal realms of the heavenly abode that are the home of the erotic Dionysian frolick that occurs underneath their magnetic ebony sway.

Urania is the muse of these realms of heavenly darkness, and uses as a tool the wonder and fascination of the human psyche that is drawn to the sparkles of the blackened night sky as a highly effective distraction so as to lure the coital energies that are most highly present in this portion of the spectral domain away from their lower bestial functions of copulation. Once these reproductive currents are effectively tamed at least to some manageable degree, the astronomical guidance given by the Urania’s cosmic instruction allows for the red energies of Saturn to be channeled upward into yellow instead of being driven downward into Uranus, where they are most often released asunder into the cosmic void.

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