Sylvan Melodies by Lee Fitzsimmons

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Lee with his wooden flute

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Sylvan Melodies is full of mirth-filled elven dances and faerie songs that invoke the essence of the woodland groves and the magic of the forest streams. Layered with thick beds of wooden percussion, sylvan-flavored acoustic guitars, and flutes, Sylvan Melodies delightfully captures the subtle textures present in the whimsical musings of the soul that wishes to be immersed in these realms of magical sylvan enchantment.

Nature is a spectacular thing of beauty, and its mystical essence is fully present in the imaginings of those who wish to be transported into this emerald kingdom of the Enchanted Realms where pixies, gnomes, and sprites come out to play with the elves of the hidden village. This mystical hamlet is only visible to those who have not lost their childhood ability to sense the peace-filled ecstacy that lives in the most playful regions of the soul.

All of these songs were inspired by visions of the world created by Tolkien and Gygax. This is the magical wonderland where the elves of the forest and the dwarves of the mountain caverns fight against the wicked forces of the orcs and goblins of the wastelands. These regions of the imaginative whim and fancy are blessed with an ever-abundant joy and tranquility as the cares of the present day world are left far behind...

even if only for a moment...

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