Sylvan Melodies

Sonic Sylvan

Two live acoustic guitars playfully dance together in the forest over a lively bed of percussion.

Sonic Sylvan

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Live Takamine acoustic guitars - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Ibanez 5-string bass guitar - Lee Fitzsimmons

Kick drum - Lee Fitzsimmons * Percussion (bongos, shakers, sleigh bells, triangle, chime tree, and rainmaker) - Lee Fitzsimmons


Twin acoustic acoustic guitars perform a wonderfully nimble riff that uses the open strings to bring out a ringing ambience that lets the sound of the composition invoke strong woodland textures. The woodland riff then moves up a perfect fourth and is then followed by a B section that features some thick, rich strums that provide a warm contrast to the playful and nimble qualities first presented in the piece. The bass walks in large steps of perfect fifths, as it aligns with the heartbeat of the soft kick drum thumping underground with the roots of the trees. The chime tree and rainmaker represent the sunbeams of light that trickle through the branches as the acrobatic hand drums, shakers, and sleigh bells invoke the sounds of the twigs and leaves on the ground that are lightly crunched as the elves, pixies, and faeries dance nimbly on top of them.

The magnificent bridge of this composition occurs at the 1:34 mark after the complete form has been presented twice. The listener wanders into a large clearing in the Emerald Forest where a waterfall spills down onto the river below and sprays all of the surrounding area with magical waters of healing and comfort. This bridge is the most elegant highlight of this work and is also some of the very best music presented in the entire collection of Sylvan Melodies. The arpeggiated harmonies of the twin guitars strike the most aurally pleasant sequence of non-diatonic chords that give the listener a delightful rest from the tonic structure, as the kick drum and bass play a syncopated figure just long enough to pleasantly tickle the ear. The piece then returns to its original structure and ends on a final note.

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