Sylvan Melodies

Silver Blue Valley

A flute dances over a layer of wooden percussion that is decorated with three acoustic guitars.

Silver Blue Valley

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Flute - Lee Fitzsimmons * Marimba - Lee Fitzsimmons * Three live Takamine acoustic guitars - Lee Fitzsimmons * Acoustic bass - Lee Fitzsimmons

Kick drum - Lee Fitzsimmons * Percussion (rainmaker, castanets, hand drums, shaker, chime tree, and triangle) - Lee Fitzsimmons

Irish river

A trio of acoustic guitars in three part harmony provide a very distinct sound to this beautifully layered tune. The melody follows a distinct form that continues throughout the song and is retained as it passes over the different chord progressions. In the second section, the piece presents a tonal shift near its end, before returning back to the first section. The two sections repeat and the piece fades.

This piece represents the peaceful essence of the valley where the crystal stream flows. The melody of the flute is the song of the valley's birds and the three guitars are the branches where they build their nests.

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