Symphonic Compositions by Lee Duane FitzSimmons


1. Dance of the Faeries - more detail * 2. Melodia - more detail * 3. Flight of Kashmir - more detail * 4. Elven Village - more detail

5. Children's Waltz - more detail * 6. Solar Caravan - more detail * 7. Emerald Waterlady - more detail * 8. Sylvan Fanfare - more detail

9. Woodland Waterfalls - more detail * 10. Fanfare of the Knights Veritas - more detail


11. Movement I - Mary's Theme - more detail * 12. Movement II - The Merry Mare - more detail

13. Movement III - Waltz of the Mermaids - more detail


14. Movement I - Sylvan Soul - more detail * 15. Movement II - The Sylvan Solace - more detail

16. Movement III - Waltz of the Sylvan Forest - more detail


17. Serenade of the Dryads - more detail * 18. Moonlit Stream - more detail

19. Lament of the Woodland Elves - more detail

Lee Duane FitzSimmons - award-winning composer

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Subtly entrancing the listener with its delicate tones and detailed nuances that are only perceptible to the attentive ear, the numerous aural hues found in The Golden Symphony are teased lovingly with slight variances and sensible contrapuntal lines. The counterpoint sometimes runs with the theme and sometimes takes off on its own. The harmonic structures sometimes follow strict patterns and sometimes wander about like a playful woodland sprite in search of new adventures to pursue.

Such is the nature of The Golden Symphony and its numerous pieces. Sometimes they are very simple compositions, and sometimes they are extremely technical and complex. In order to provide a full spectrum of tonal color and interesting rhythms, a wide plethora of compositional techniques and devices are used so that the pieces remain vibrant from beginning to end. Regardless of the devices used...

the melody is the fundamental element that recieves the primary focus within these symphonic creations.

* * *

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