Elven Village - The Golden Symphony. Finely Crafted Symphonic Creations by Lee Fitzsimmons.

Finely Crafted Symphonic Compositions by Lee Fitzsimmons

Elven Village

A mirth-filled composition that recreates some of the daily events in the enchanted forest.

Elven Village

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Pizzicato strings - Lee Fitzsimmons * Strings - Lee Fitzsimmons * Horns - Lee Fitzsimmons * Acoustic bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Marching snare - Lee Fitzsimmons

Bongos, tablas, and talking drums - Lee Fitzsimmons * Pitched woodblocks and triangle - Lee Fitzsimmons * Kick drum and hi-hat - Lee Fitzsimmons

* * *

Today is a day for a parade in the Elven village of the enchanted forest. The marching snare patterns are the horses in the parade. The bongos, tablas, and talking drums are the street vendors selling all kinds of elven cuisine. The acoustic bass entering in the fifth bar represents the trees of the forest, and the pizzicato strings that enter four bars later are the animals of the forest that are watching the lively festivities. The legato strings that enter in the 13th bar are the elves, water sprites, faeries, and pixies in the crowd that are watching the parade. Sixteen bars later, the men of the nearby valley (the horn section) enter the parade also riding on horseback. The Prince (triangle) rides with them. The woodblocks are the little sparrows that have followed the men from the village and fly around them as they happily ride down the cobblestone street of the elven village. After sixteen bars of this final scenic musical texture, the piece repeats and then fades...

* * *

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