Children's Waltz - The Golden Symphony. Finely Crafted Symphonic Creations by Lee Fitzsimmons.

Finely Crafted Symphonic Compositions by Lee Fitzsimmons

Children's Waltz

The children of the valley are led into the magical forest by the Princess Faerie.

Children's Waltz

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Piano - Lee Fitzsimmons * Pizzicato strings - Lee Fitzsimmons * Horns - Lee Fitzsimmons * Clarinets - Lee Fitzsimmons * Triangle - Lee Fitzsimmons

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In the first sixteen bar section, the trees and the creatures of the magical forest (pizzicato strings) can be seen in the distance. This is represented in the close inversion of bass and chords that make up the foundation in the first two sixteen bar sections of this musical arrangement. The flowing theme of the crystal brook, which is represented by the slow eighth note trills, is expressed by the children of the village (horns) and the little daughter (clarinet) of the elven maiden (another clarinet). The piano playing the melody is the Princess Faerie and the clarinet doubling the piano is the elven maiden. Their melody is a siren song calling the children to follow the crystal river into the forest.

In the second set of sixteen bars, the Princess Faerie, the elven maiden and her daughter, and the children of the valley stand just outside the forest. The horn section of the children now sings with the piano of the Princess Faerie, as they sing together about how beautiful the forest is. The elven maiden and her daughter stand beside them and support their song, as the two clarinets perform beautiful arpeggios together.

They all enter the forest together in the third sixteen bar section. For these final two sixteen bar sections, the pizzicato strings will now feature the bass viols playing some very deep notes that represent the deep roots of the mighty trees of the forest. The piano and clarinet now play the first part of the melody again as the Princess Faerie and the elven maiden sing to the children about the beauty of the forest. The children now understand that they are all chosen ones as they hear the triangle of the Prince echoing throughout the woodlands. In the fourth sixteen bar section, the horns of the children once again sing with the Princess like they did just outside the forest.

In the final bars of this enchanted piece, the horns of the children sing alone, because they understand that they will always carry the magic of the forest within their hearts, no matter where they may go or where they may be.

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