Solar Caravan - The Golden Symphony. Finely Crafted Symphonic Creations by Lee Fitzsimmons.

Finely Crafted Symphonic Compositions by Lee Fitzsimmons

Solar Caravan

A merchant caravan takes a mystical journey across the desert to the Southern kingdom.

Solar Caravan

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Pan flute - Lee Fitzsimmons * Flute-like whistle sound - Lee Fitzsimmons * Clarinet - Lee Fitzsimmons * Horns - Lee Fitzsimmons

Low Brass section - Lee Fitzsimmons * New age ambience sounds - Lee Fitzsimmons * Hand drums, shaker, and Large Eastern gongs - Lee Fitzsimmons

* * *

This symphonic new-age creation consists of 4 sections of 16 bars, an introduction, and a coda. The intro begins with very deeply-pitched hand drums that are accompanied by a shaker. The hand drums are the hundreds of camels that are being prepared by the men of the valley to carry valuable merchandise across the Southern desert to the Southern kingdom of the enchanted realms. The swirling ambience that begins in the fifth bars is the heat of the desert and the blinding light of the sun. This solar ambience is felt by the head merchant of the caravan (pan flute), who plays the primary melody in this section, and his elven wife (clarinet), who provides the necessary counterpoint.

In the second section, the caravan has travelled many miles and is growing weary from the heat. Fortunately, a benevolent faerie-spirit of the desert appears before the caravan, as the flute-like whistle that resprents this magical entity takes over the main melodic theme and guides the caravan into the Southern kingdom. In the third section, the caravan enters the capital city of the Southern kingdom, and the men of the city (low brass and horns) greet the caravan and purchase their wares. The ladies of the city (Eastern gongs) supply the thirsty travelers with food and lodging. In the final section, the first section repeats as the caravan returns home. A brief coda then follows, and the composition comes to an end.

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