Sylvan Fanfare - The Golden Symphony. Finely Crafted Symphonic Creations by Lee Fitzsimmons.

Finely Crafted Symphonic Compositions by Lee Fitzsimmons

Sylvan Fanfare

The magical creatures of the enchanted forest fellowship with the men of the valley.

Sylvan Fanfare

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Brass section - Lee Fitzsimmons * French horns - Lee Fitzsimmons * Solo trumpet - Lee Fitzsimmons * Clarinet - Lee Fitzsimmons * Bassoon - Lee Fitzsimmons

Snare drum - Lee Fitzsimmons * Triangle - Lee Fitzsimmons * Large chimes - Lee Fitzsimmons * Timpani - Lee Fitzsimmons

Concert Bass Drums - Lee Fitzsimmons * Crash Cymbals - Lee Fitzsimmons

* * *

The brass section opens the composition with an announcement that the festival will begin. The French horns then play the main theme. The two brass sections are the men of the valley and they are announcing to world that the festival of the crystal river has begun. The Elder Magus of the elven tribes (bassoon) tells the inhabitants of the enchanted forest (strings) that the celebration has begun. The elven maidens (clarinet) rejoice at the news as the men of the valley (horns) present them with gifts. This event is expressed as the second theme of the piece with the horns playing a series of descending quarter notes at the same moment that the clarinet enters.

Several bars later, the feast begins, represented by the concert bass drum, large chimes, and crash cymbals that accompany the proclamation of the brass section. Suddenly, the mayor of the town (solo trumpet) rides out on his horse (snare drum) and the celebration officially begins. The proclamation is repeated and the mayor rides out again, except the bassoon of the Elder Magus of the elven tribes accompanies him as the creatures of the forest join the the men, women, and children of the valley in the great feast. The elven maidens arrive at the celebration as the clarinet plays over the snare drum as the men welcome them. This heart-warming welcome of the men is once again expressed in the descending quarter note theme of the horns that is played once again in this section.

As the piece nears its end, a lone clarinet jumps into its high range as the elven princess begins to dance in front of the entire gathering and is joined by the Prince (triangle).

* * *

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